Recommend a friend to SafeDrivers

Know someone who drives as carefully as you do?
You could both earn $25.

What are your friends worth?

Depends how safely they drive. Encourage the safest of your friends to look for an auto insurance deal using SafeDrivers, and you could both get $25.

Here’s how it works
  •   Find your policy through SafeDrivers
  •   Recommend a friend who does the same
  •   Get a $25 Amazon giftcard each as a thank you from us

What you need to do

To qualify for the SafeDrivers Recommend-a-Friend program, you and your friend must use the web link or phone number displayed on our site to get your quote.

Each of you then needs to email us separately at with your name, ZIP code, year of birth and new policy number. If you’re the person who’s recommending someone, please give that person’s full name in your email.

Once we’ve verified the information from both of you, we’ll send you each a $25 Amazon giftcard* by email.

How many friends can you recommend?

As many as you like. If they all go on to find a policy found using SafeDrivers, you’ll get $25 for each one.

Just note that although you can recommend as many friends as you want, you can only BE recommended once.

See our terms and conditions for full details