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If you have a clean driving record, and have not been issued a citation or ticket for texting and driving (distracted driving) congratulations, you might not know it, but you’re a hot commodity.

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Safe Drivers

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By creating a personal profile within SafeDrivers, you are accomplishing three things immediately. First, you are making your current auto insurance carrier aware of your safe driving record and your commitment to continue to be a safe driver. This helps you avoid increased premiums and costs. Auto insurance carriers are increasing rates across the board, despite the fact that cars are safer now than they have ever been.

The second thing that you are accomplishing, aside from making the roads safer for you and those around you, is that you have now made yourself eligible to earn a number of rewards and benefits for your continued safe driving. That’s right, you can actually get access awesome benefits simply for not texting and driving.

Finally, much like an All-Star athlete that performs well and is sought after by other teams, you’re now letting everyone know that you’re aware of the value associated with your performance. In your case, you’re not scoring touchdowns, draining 3-pointers and driving the ball 300 yards. Instead you’re navigating the roads safely and avoiding tickets, accidents and other distracted drivers. That’s an All-Star performance if you ask us. Auto insurance carriers are now shifting their behavior and the way they think about pricing insurance, and very soon they are going to start aggressively competing for SafeDrivers because your safe driving saves them money.


Safe drivers make the drive safer for everyone.

Hands at 10 and 2 equals more money for you.
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