Safe Drivers Make the Drive Safer for Everyone

Safe drivers not only save lives, they also can save money and earn rewards for driving distraction free. What could your safe driving record save you?

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Safe Drivers Don't Text and Drive
Hands Free is the Way to Be

Hands Free is the Way to Be

Operating a two-ton human projectile at 65+ miles per hour is not the time to be checking email, replying to a text and or sending selfie Snaps.

Distracted Driving is Deadly

Texting and driving, and or "distracted driving" is killing more young drivers than anything else annually and has been determined to be far more dangerous than drinking and driving.

Distracted Driving is Deadly

Insurers Want Safe Drivers

Hands at 10 & 2 = More Money For You. Auto insurance carriers are now shifting their behavior and the way they think about pricing insurance, and very soon they are going to start aggressively competing for Safe Drivers because your safe driving record ends up saving them a lot of money.

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Safe drivers make the drive safer for everyone.

How Safe is Your Driving?